Exploring hidden collections:
Making digital archives graspable.

Museums, galleries and archives are often only able to display a small portion of their extensive collection, due to elaborate conservation requirements or simply because there is not enough place on the walls. The interactive “Forschungstisch” (research table) enables these hidden treasures to be discovered by visitors and to be explored by curators in order to discover new potentials of the collection.

The Forschungstisch software runs on a touch screen table. It enables dynamic sorting of your museum archive – like sorting an interactive philately collection with a magnifying glass. One can navigate through the extensive collection with one’s fingertips.

• Interactive access to archival collections which are sometimes hard to overlook even for curators and often inaccessible to visitors.

• Visualization of the exhibits in diverse contexts:
 Time and location data of artists, commisoners and other related institutions are shown in an easily comprehensible display.

• An intuitive and elegant user interface:
 High accessability through multi-touch technology and award-winning interface design

iF commG2012 4C L 525x248 Exploring hidden collections:<br/>Making digital archives graspable. eda2012 gold 525x214 Exploring hidden collections:<br/>Making digital archives graspable.